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Vien is the founder of Thatton Law and a startup lawyer licensed to practice law in Colorado, Massachusetts, and New York. Vien strives to provide his startup clients with great legal services at reasonable costs, through a painless engagement process. He understands that startup companies take on a tremendous amount of risks, and legal risk should be reasonably managed so that it would not pose an impediment to their success.

Vien is no stranger to the startup world, having worked at a few and even started one himself. In 2009, he founded a startup named LawNovo to provide innovative web-based solutions for the legal industry and its clients. After earnest development efforts, LawNovo was put to rest in 2012 due to lack of engineering resources. Vien went away from this failure with the understanding that recruiting and retaining top talents always take longer, cost more money, and are deceptively more difficult than most startup founders realize.

In addition to LawNovo, Vien also had experience with two other tech startups in the late 1990s and early 2000s, DealerGain and NeoSynergy, respectively. While neither of these two is still in business today, they provided him with valuable lessons that not only informed him of the difficulty in building a viable business, but also the concrete challenges that startup founders face on a daily basis with respect to funding, development, employment, sales, support, and a myriad of other things that startups must do right in order to succeed.

He is always happy to help startup founders avoid mistakes he had seen or made himself.


2008, Syracuse University College of Law, J.D.

2001, Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S.

Bar Admission

2014, Colorado

2009, New York

2008, Massachusetts


Colorado Bar Association

Denver Bar Association


Tiếng Việt


Fly fishing Colorado's beautiful mountain streams.

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