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“I think it’s important to reason from first principles rather than by analogy.”

Elon Musk (2012)

Why Work With Thatton Law?

The firm understands the crucial importance of technology to high-growth startups as well as stabilized tech companies.

Protecting your secret sauce technology with basic IP protection is a sound defense strategy; typically at very reasonable costs.

The firm strives to understand not only the technology, but the client's underlying business, to develop a holistic legal strategy instead of a piecemeal approach.

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Technology Law Services

Work with Thatton Law to solve vexing problems relating to computer technology law for your starup.

Patent, trademark, or copyright? Which is the best to protect your intellectual property.

When a founder is no longer with the company, who owns the intellectual property?

Create enforceable agreements that will protect the rights of all parties involved.

Determine ways to extract value from licensing of technology.

You're sued for infringement. How to deal with the consequences.

Determine the right business structure for your novel ideas.

Tech Startup Services

These are some of the typical tech startup legal services available with Thatton Law. Please send an inquiry for something not listed here.


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  • » Equity Agreement
  • » Contingency Planning
  • » Fundraising


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  • » State & Federal Compliance
  • » Contract Review & Negotiation


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