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Legal services at the speed of business.

Prompt and efficient legal services to provide you with a competitive advantage.

“The customer is the foundation of a business and keeps it in existence.”

Peter Drucker (1954)

Why Work With Thatton Law?

The firm understands the needs of small business owners, whether they are starting a world-changing tech startup or a small neighborhood cafe. With limited resources and even less time, small businesses must be frugal and move quickly.

The firm provides business services at a fair price, with special considerations given to still-in-the-garage entrepreneurs, and at the speed of a fast-moving business, where time delays could mean the difference between achieving escape velocity or becoming just another zombie.

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Business Law Services

Work with Thatton Law on most common legal issues affecting your business.

Set up an appropriate business entity and file paperwork.

Create agreements on rights and responsibilities of founders.

Draft and review transactional agreements affecting your business.

Advise on existing legal structure and compliance.

Provide guidance on corporate formalities.

Devise strategies to guard against potential liabilities.

Business Legal Services

These are some of the typical business legal services available with Thatton Law. Please send an inquiry for something not listed here.


  • » Company Registration
  • » Business Licensing
  • » Founders Agreement
  • » Operating Agreement
  • » Ownership Agreement
  • » Fundraising
  • » Contingency Planning


  • » Employment Agreement
  • » State & Federal Compliance
  • » Contract Review & Negotiation


  • » Trademark Registration
  • » Copyright Registration
  • » Business Purchase/Sale
  • » Legal Due Diligence

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